The WorkTrotter is a convenient refuge for the globetrotting businesswoman who desires to stay fashionable, seeks SMART products, and loves to travel.  I hope to make things a little easier for all the beyond 9 to 5 women who seamlessly get it all done everyday.

My Story

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I currently live in West Chester County, NY with my husband Joe, and our three boys, Jacob, Jordan, and Justin. Yes, I indeed, live in a house full of men whose name all start with the letter a “J”. Ingenious!

Thinking back, I have always been somewhat of an overachiever. I blame my parents for that one! A high school state champion and collegiate Division I track and field athlete propelled me to the wonderful career and family that I have today.

With my career has come many, many, sacrifices. Four cities, four moves, five houses, and a lot of missed games, recitals, and gatherings with great friends/family. That said, I am proud of the fact that I was and still am able to raise my three boys, travel the world on business, maintain my marriage to my high school sweetheart, and remain sane.

I’m often ask how do I do it or if I have help. No, there was never a nanny or live in family member but I do keep a fierce list of housecleaners, take out spots, and handymen. I was raised by a single mother the first eleven years of my life and watch her “just do” it all and I continue to build on those wonderful principals she taught me to this very day. There have been disappointments, second guesses, and frankly things I wish I could do over but with those things have come wonderful moments of unadulterated joy.

By finally writing this blog, I hope to share all the things I have come to love….  Fashion, Travel, and yes….Work!


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