As a very niave “WorkTrotter”, I decended on Moscow with my work schedule in hand an no clue about the culture, history, and environment of the city I just decended upon.  Don’t get me wrong, when I mentioned to folks that I was going to Russia, I received the preverbal “RUSSIA?”  As if to say, your crazy for accepting such an unsafe assignment!  As one of likely few Americans who have visited this country, there is a wealth of history both good and very bad to learn about this very closed country.  When considering to travel, here are some things to consider:

  1. Obviously, you need a Visa!  The Russians have to know you are coming, what your coming for, who in Russia is sponsoring your visit and how long you are going to be there.  This process can be long and you should use a Visa service to help navigate the requirements.
  2. It’s true…Russians love their Vodka.  Plan to wake up to it, have lunch with it, and celebrate at dinner with it even if there is nothing technically to celebrate.
  3. The architecture is phenomenal.  If your as lucky as I was, take plenty of photos and stick to the touristy areas.  Nothing good can likely come from being someone you don’t need to or shouldn’t be.
  4. Research hotels and utilize a driver.  Some folks speak English but I found myself needing to have someone who could communicate on my behalf when I left the office or went out to dinner.
  5. Take a minute to appreciate where you are!  Not many people are fortunate to obtain entrance into this country let alone experience its people and culture.  In the hustle and bustle of your business travels and obligations, spend some time with its people.  You might find they are not as cold and aloof as we have perceived them be.

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