5 Reasons You Should Visit San Miguel De Allende

  1. It’s a Hidden Gem -Nestled in the far eastern part of Mexico is a phenomenal city Ex-Pats call the hidden city in the hills.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the easiest place to get to but once there you get lost in the sheer artistic culture that abounds.  People who know desend on San Miguel from all parts of the world and they should.
  2. Perfect for a Work Retreat-If your a magazine editor, novelist, or screenwriter, this place is for you.  The early morning sun and warm temperatures make this a writers dream.  Regardless of occupation, this sanctuary worked for even me.  The surroundings and solitude should spawns the creativity in everyone.
  3. People & Culture Are Amazing-It’s cliche I know but “people really do make the world go round.”   People are friendly, welcoming, and want to you to experience the authentic Mexican culture.  Restaurant and shop owners want to get to know you and want to share stories.  Music and dance fill the air both day and night.
  4. Architecture is a Visual Explosion of Color-From the beautiful Catholic church that towers above the town square to the not so famous “Doors of San Miguel” the visual stimulation in this city is simply unmatched.  Pictures alone do not do it justice.
  5. Food is Delectable-One word “FRESH”.  The open air food markets lend itself to the wonderful entrees that abound.  From the salsas to the sauces, you just simply can’t go wrong.

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